Your Seekers Platinum membership brings you everything included in the Seekers Gold level and much more.

In addition to daily personalized answers Monday-Friday in our private online group (Facebook or non-Facebook, your choice), you'll also receive a one-hour phone call per week.

Worldwide, there are very few coaching programs that offer this much personal contact at this price.

I'm stepping up to be your personal mentor, to hold your hand as you go through big changes. I'll guide you at touchpoint, in every area of your life, until you feel ready to fly.

The Seekers are a supportive group. They'll cheer you on, send you love when you're having a hard day, and celebrate your every victory with massive enthusiasm!

There is one Seekers group for women and one for men.

In Seekers Platinum, you'll get all the Gold benefits, which are:

  • An introductory 1-hour, ten question session
  • Your own daily question, answered in detail in our online group
  • A new spiritual idea to discuss daily
  • "How to Use Angel Cards" course unlocked
  • Free membership in the Angel Card Club to practice your intuitive skills

Plus, at the Seekers Platinum level:

  • Ongoing weekly 1-hour calls with questions + coaching techniques
  • Support via text rather than email
  • All courses, clubs, and audios unlocked
  • Affirmations created just for you
  • More special gifts along the way; surprises in our weekly calls

In Seekers Platinum, you'll take your life to where you've always wanted it to go.

In addition to the personalized, practical solutions given to you, the weekly calls ensure you receive accountability to put those steps into practice.

The next level is Diamond.

In Seekers Platinum, with your Seekers teammates cheering you on, you'll feel loved and guided every day.

What is your next step?

It's your time to feel, "I am guided!" every day, in every way, with the personal mentorship offered at the Seekers Platinum level.

Join Seekers Platinum now and we'll start by scheduling your first 1-hour, ten-question call, included.

More questions before you join? Or would you like to pay with South African Rands? Please email [email protected]