Learn how to read angel cards for yourself! Practice in a caring group to gain confidence!

Hi, I'm spiritual mentor and life coach Shannon Walbran. My goal is to help you see, hear, feel, and know that #YouAreGuided.

This Angel Card Class + Club Membership package includes:

  • two weeks of video modules that are quick and easy to understand (worth $249)
  • free online deck of Urban Angel Cards by Shannon Walbran (worth $29)
  • first month's membership to the Angel Card Club (worth $49)
  • printable journal page to help you track your questions and answers (worth $11)
  • free eBook "100+ Questions for your Angels" by Shannon Walbran (worth a million dollars, but free for you!)

When you sign up for my Angel Card Class, you'll start the online series of videos and materials right away, and you can work through them at your own pace.

I'll also send you emails with friendly reminders and additional tips, to nudge you forward and help you complete the course :-)

The class videos are conversational and short (5 minutes max), with lots of examples.

You'll also join the Angel Card Club, a private online forum where you'll practice drawing cards and finding answers, every day, in the company of like-minded people.

I am present in the group as a teacher and guide.

This club is strictly formatted and moderated to keep all interactions safe, focused, and on-task.

Angel cards are simple and yet deep. Angel cards are a great tool to help you hear and understand your angels and guides.

Getting clear messages will help you accomplish your personal goals with more ease and grace, knowing #YouAreGuided.

By the time you finish this course and practice in the club, you will:

  1. learn do's and don'ts
  2. compose answerable questions
  3. track your answers
  4. do three different card spreads
  5. understand repeating cards

What is your next step?

Join the Angel Card Club + start your "How to Use Angel Cards" class.

You can stay in the Angel Card Club as long as you wish, so long as you're following the strict group format and policies. Membership will be billed to you on Day 30 at a recurring monthly rate of $49.

Any further questions? Email [email protected]

By proceeding, you are agreeing with our terms and conditions (summary: no refunds, but you can cancel any time you wish).

The Club Membership is US $49 per month. In South African Rands, it's R749 per month.